Transoms & Direct Sets

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Matching Transom

Make your own transoms in your shop to control lead times. This material is available in 12-1 lineal or as boxed units. Pine, Oak, or Maple extension jamb and stop is also available in 6-0 lengths. The wood and metal are shipped as one component. The 3/4” frame allows for standard decorative glass sizes, and doesn’t change your current rough opening.


Direct Sets

1-1/4” thick direct sets are available for the customer that can glaze commercial projects for their own use. The accessories for transoms can be used for this product line. These tape glazed systems are easily assembled.

Clad Direct Set

(stationary window)

Clad Direct Set Transom

3/4” 1-1/4”


• Miter the ends

• Use corners keys

• Apply glazing tape & caulk

• Install your glass

• Apply extension jamb & stop

• Unit is complete