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Our Product

For years the industry has sought an answer to a low maintenance clad frame. They have tried composites, plastics, and cover over products. The real answer has been in front of them for 12 years: an engineered aluminum clad sub-assembly, designed for pre-hung operations that offers flexibility, reliability, and accuracy in machining to your product specifications.

The Lancer Clad Door System is production friendly. The sub-assembly components allow the assemblers to do what they do best - assemble.

The parts and pieces assemble as easily as primed components and can be utilized on the same production line. This efficiency enables more production time to value added products.



Aluminum Clad - a combination of roll form aluminum, glued to wood substrates, with an aluminum extruded nosing for a low maintenance exterior

Flexibility - jamb thicknesses 4-9/16”  to 11-1/2”

Complete Product Line Offering -

         Inswing, Outswing, Continuous Head & Mull Post, Transoms, Swing Patio Frames, plus custom sizes


Metal Accessories - for all your retrofit needs: Brickmould, Frame Expanders, and Spread Mulls

Alternate Wood Species - available on the rabbet only

Choose: Oak, Maple, Poplar, Cherry, Alder, Mahogany, Walnut, and Hickory (additional species available upon request)


Color - Available in six standard colors - special painted finishes are available upon request


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